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Alaska Baja Pacific

About us

Alaska Baja Pacific (AB Pacific) is a live seafood wholesale & export company based in Seattle and Los Angeles. Our sister company, Comercializadora De Recursos Marinos, is based in Mexico Baja California, which is solely responsible for supplying Mexican live seafood products to AB Pacific. We’re one of the few companies who have earned water certificate and farming license in the regions of Baja California Mexico to be able to bring live seafood products to the U.S. and other international markets. 


In 2008, Lucas Kim established a company named Comercializadora De Recursos Marinos in California Baja, Mexico. For over 7 years, with his vision of becoming a leading seafood export company, he cautiously and diligently put his efforts into acquiring legal permits and licenses from Mexico government. In 2011, Mr. Kim acquired the farming permit at the Baja region. In March 2014, Mr. Kim acquired the water certificate at the Baja region of Mexico and AB Pacific’s venture has finally begun.

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AB Pacific’s signature products are:

Seafood Industry – limited supply, high demand

In seafood industry, an alarming message is being spread as the marine resources are continually being exploited due to environmental changes and rising demands. As years go by, leading international seafood companies are becoming more and more desperate to find unpolluted seafood resources. For this reason, importing demand for unpolluted seafood supplies in China has drastically increased in last several years. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported Chinese imports of live lobster increased in the first nine months of 2012 alone, roughly quadruple that in 2011.

Due to environmental changes and undiminished demands, Mexico is increasingly becoming spotlighted as the next destination for unpolluted and high quality seafood products. This is why leading seafood companies are after Mexican products, for they are the gold mine yet unoccupied. As a result, while demand for Mexican seafood products are sky high in international markets, supply is  limited to a number of companies who has: 1. the legal rights to import, 2. expertise in controlling the products’ quality and 3. logistics expertise in keeping these animals live or fresh as they travel long distant to destination market.



Logistics is one of the key elements for the success of seafood business, especially for an import & export company. There are two main aspects about marine products that make logistics skills an essential part of exporting procedure:

First, quality and freshness of seafood product are closely linked to the speed and proper handling of its transportation. Especially for live products, logistics expertise directly affect the mortality rate* of live seafood products.

Second, seafood product has to go through a number of government procedurals for the testing of its safety level, customs laws, and international trading laws. Occasionally, complexity of such procedure can cause an unexpected delay or holding of the shipment. Such instance can lead to a massive loss of product quality and value unless a logistics expert can swiftly resolve the issue with necessary skills and network.

For this reason, having the first hand logistics expert in the company is a major advantage for seafood companies that are involved in international trades. With the right logistics expertise, the company can consistently transport the products to overseas markets with a control over the quality and mortality rate of the products. In the end, quality assurance and consistency being the standard for the credibility of a seafood company, logistics expertise is an essential discipline in seafood industry.

Logistics Network

Logistics Network Inc., established in 2006, is a freight forwarding company that specializes in arranging ocean and air freights, producing shipping and exporting documents, clearing customs, and more. For past 8 years, Logistics Network Inc. has successfully exported the following products to China and Korea:

  • Dungeness crab:
  • Spiny Lobster
  • Geoduck
  • Hagfish
  • Sockeye Salmon

Therefore, with long accrued experience and network, Logistics Network is a qualified logistics company that can promptly arrange cargo and charter flights to export seafood products from Los Angeles to Asia and Europe.

Quality Control

Seafood products are sold in several different forms: live, fresh, frozen, and dried. The market value for the same product drastically varies depending on its quality level and forms. In China and other international markets, buyers are eager to pay double or even triple for live seafood products that are exported from Mexico and United States. However, only few seafood experts have the conditioning skills to keep the marine products live as they’re being transported from one country to the other.

Catch time and location also play crucial part in controlling marine products’ quality. Depending on its habitant location, lobsters, for instance, have different sizes, qualities, and pollution level, which all contribute to the safety and the overall quality of the product. Also, most marine products are caught in specific time of the year, which is called season. Except for some shellfish and crab product, which is available all year round, this catch timing is crucial in securing the highest quality seafood from its sources.

Another crucial aspect is the network. In coastal and fishery communities, securing these seasonal marine resources at a reasonable market price can be very challenging if one does not have the right network. And this is where an expert with good reputation and connections is truly needed.


Alaska Baja Pacific Inc

AB Pacific is well prepared for the challenges that starting or existing seafood businesses deal with, and the strong advantages AB Pacific have in becoming the pioneer of exporting company who can supply virtually limitless resources of high quality seafood from Mexico in live forms to the U.S. and other overseas international markets.

Office & plant locations:
WA:  16825 – 48th Ave. W.STE-430, Linnwood, WA 98037
CA:  14509 Best Ave. Unit-A, Norwalk, CA 90650


Mobile Number: 206-235-7778

Office Number: 206-330-3232


Any questions? Please submit your inquiries in English, Chinese, or Korean.

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